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The USA has the poorest people in the world

The USA has the poorest people in the world –

This article shows that we have a substantial faction of the populous that have a negative net worth. This means that they owe more money then they have. In fact we have more people who owe more money then any place on earth. This is the reality we have accepted for ourselves from the banks/credit institutions. We need to start seeing credit for what it is, a giant financial scam designed to encapsulate us into indentured servitude. At a slightly earlier time in history these charlatans would have been chastised by the law for being what they are, loan sharks and con men. Our law makers have long since sold us out to the bank cartels by making criminal acts legal for them. This is why I pay no heed to the credit system. They have created a con game that can not be beaten. The best thing we can do as a people is abuse the system till it breaks. As long as we give it credence and feel that we owe the crooks who are robbing us, their criminal organization will thrive. My suggestion? Keep borrowing and stop paying and don’t feel bad or worry about doing it. You wouldn’t feel bad about defending your family against a burglar who has broken into your house and is seeking to harm your family would you? Well that’s exactly what this is, only they’ve broken into almost every house in America. You owe them nothing. They owe us more then they will ever repay. Help break the system. Figure out ways to dupe it. Above all change your perspective.

General guidelines to recognize a crooked organization when you run across one. This applies to all, not just banks and credit card companies.
1. They think “fine print” is OK and use it in all documents pertaining to you.
2. They use “industry” or “legal” jargon in their contracts that are not in the commonly understood vocabulary.
3. Their policies seem excessively wordy and confusing.
4. Their interest percentage is more then 10%
5. They charge an annual fee for a service you are already paying interest or a commission on.
6. Their company has been caught in any public scandal (google company name + lawsuit or scandal)
7. They have hidden fees and fines designed to work against the people who are paying them…you.

These are just a few quick ways to tell if you are dealing with someone who is on the up and up, or a criminal element trying to bilk you out of your hard earned money. Do humanity a service, break the systems that abuse us. If we take away the power from these criminal elements, we can all live in a freer easier world, and so will our children.

This message brought to you by the Free World Alchemists.

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Stop Looking For ‘Hardwired’ Differences In Male And Female Brains | Popular Science

This article wants to pretend to use science to prove there are no psychological differences between men and women because it perpetuates bad stereotypes for women, but sites things that are good qualities like being better able to multitask, and articulate their thoughts. This feels more like a woman hater article, then a woman elation piece. Anyone who lives in the real world, is mentally healthy and has a person of the opposite sex in their lives, is well aware that their are differences both mental and physical. This is OK! Being a woman, at least in my book, is a great thing. We should celebrate our differences and be thankful we have each other, not try and pretend they don’t exist and squash them out. I should point out that, in everything, there are always exceptions to the rule, men who are born male but equate more to female, women born female, but equate more to male, that are OK too! Why must we always try and separate and categorize? I feel like bull crap articles like this try to trivialize women or paint them as lessor then men by denying  a very admirable essence. From my perspective we are clearly different…but equal. We all have necessary and endearing qualities. The different qualities are what allow us to make a great team, and our differences, physical, genetic or otherwise, are what makes life interesting. Don’t let “them” paint us into mental corners and separate us by pointing out our differences and playing with our minds or worse, letting them buy you out. That is what they want, and that is what they do, because that is how you control people, divide and conquer. Universal acceptance and tolerance are the only true path to freedom. Unbiased hatred is a product of ignorance, meaning you judge someone without anything other then trivial knowledge. Prejudice literally means prejudgement, ie: judging someone without knowing a damn thing. That is true ignorance. Not learning about someone or something before coming to a conclusion is shear stupidity. You may as well just put on a blindfold and walk through a room filled with booby traps. Can you imagine if these non learning dum dums ran the world? There would be no math! “Math is for dummies”. There would be no science, we would still believe the Earth is flat, that the universe revolved around the earth, and forget smart phones, there wouldn’t even be dumb phones. Can you imagine what it would be like if our country was run by these people? You wouldn’t have to assassinate our president, he’d off himself by walking into a manhole while texting. Learning is a lifetime pursuit, and it only takes a modest amount of knowledge to realize that it is not in your best interest to blunder through life being a prejudice dunderbumpkin. How can you proclaim that someone like Neil Degrasse Tyson is anything but a great human being and exemplary scientist. How can you trivialize someone like Jane Goodall because she was a woman? Her history speaks for itself. The history of a prejudice person, will speak of nothing, because prejudice stems from fear and people who base their actions on their fears never do great things. Great people overcome their fears, so that they can obtain the knowledge they need, to do great things.

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How To Trick Others Into Doing Your Bidding | Popular Science

This article talks about the show mind games almost like the mental manipulation used in it is a new discovery…it’s not. It is a reasonably well defined science that has been around in its various forms for some time now.  What is fairly recent is the compiling of many different techniques into the lump methodology known as NLP or Neural Linguistic Programming. Have you ever heard of sales techniques, commercials, the news, or the government? Then you have been exposed to it on extreme levels. If it was radiation, you would be dead. So it is real, and eighty percent of the worlds population are susceptible to it. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be in widespread use. I feel that “Mind Games” takes a lunkheadian approach to it though. Staging a fight on a bus in hopes that a professor will jump in and save the day by risking life and limb to do the right thing and thereby see himself as a hero and decide in this kids favor over thousands of other peoples needs…unlikely. Too many variables that can go wrong. They would have been far better off arranging a false meeting and seeding his mind with the idea. Getting a third guy to enter the bid for the position of CEO to hopefully make another candidate look better and thereby increasing her chance of winning? Again, too many variables. NLP is not a gambling method, it is a science proven time after time to work under laboratory conditions and in real world conditions. I love the people in this show, but the only realistic element as far as mind manipulation, is the level of deception one must go to in order to achieve it. Maybe that is its goal, to open our eyes to the deception. Or maybe it is actually a masterpiece of neural linguistic programming itself, created to manipulate its viewers into succumbing to a certain view or ideology. Wouldn’t that be ironic and deviously ingenious. It is mass media after all. I shall have to watch it closer.

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How To Trick Others Into Doing Your Bidding | Popular Science

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Tourist walks off pier while browsing… –

Tourist walks off pier while browsing… –
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She should be charged for the rescue. Keep on browsing lady. It’s sad that people have become so self-involved to the point that it jeopardizes their own safety and the safety of those around them. This lady should be ostracized by her community.

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Pinellas schools say cheerleading uniforms are dress code violations | Tampa Bay Times

Advise for young super villains

Get camera with high optical zoom. Attend games. Pray for cheer leader wardrobe malfunction. Blackmail cheerleader into sex. Compromise the reservoir tip with a safety pin for ironic effect. Guilt her into keeping it. Marry way above your penis grade. Churn out little mutant babies. Train them to be super villains from a very young age. Create a super villain crime family empire. Rise to prominent political power. Have her killed for looking at you in disgust all of the time. Use your new found wealth to buy women. Live like royalty. Get killed by your children in ironic twist of fate. Go directly to hell. Party with the devil.

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No Agenda, The Best Podcast in the Universe Holiday Florida Challenge

No Agenda is simply the best podcast in the universe. They will bring you the truth no matter how much it hurts. They are the worlds best media assassins deconstructing foul programming for your consumption. Leaders of the Mac & Cheese revolution. Value for Value, pound for pound, they lift the world up and blow “the man” down. Listener supported, human resource infused and always ready for dedouchefication at a moments notice. If you’re not already dead inside, or an Obamaton programmed for enslavement (same thing) Listening to this show will change your life. Take the pill, eat the mushrooms, open wide and swallow…you will see reality for the Very first time. Tune in for the hookers and blow, stay to punch people in the mouth.

Google them, they’ll like it.

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The Black Friday Gore in the store old lady beat down spectacular

Next year I want build a “Black Friday Gore in the store” website and get people in every city across America to live stream footage from every major Black Friday retailer so we can capture every trash talking petty squabble, bra beef, Pantie battle and cougar fight this side of Christmas. Then all of the websites members can vote on which video is the best for .25 per vote, and the camera person whose video got the most votes gets all of the money. Then maybe we could interview the people involved in these fights, ask them what they’re thankful for this thanksgiving, then insert that audio over their fight with Christmas music in the background.

Black Friday should be televised!

After all, isn’t the real spirit of Christmas giving someone weaker then you a good old fashioned holly jolly beat down over a third rate pair of close out panties…or flattening someone for a flatscreen made in far China. No clicky, no watchy.

This year we had black Friday, which actually started on Thursday, then Small Business Saturday, then black Friday special event Sunday, and finally Cyber Monday. Black Friday has been stretched out so far, I feel like we’ve entered a new dark age.

The uber rich creeps of the world want us on a perpetual buying cycle, yet consumerism is on a downhill landslide. Black Friday is no exception, sales were down 14% from last year. This is what happens when they take our homes, jobs and money. You can’t have it both ways you jackwads, either you have to keep us up enough to do your work and consume mass quantities of goods, or down enough that we become downtrodden slaves who you can force to live in squalor and work for free.

Remember remember the fifth of November motherf@#kers.

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Mystery ‘alien-like creature’ baffles experts… –

Mystery ‘alien-like creature’ baffles experts… –
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They’re calling it “marine Salp”….it’s always something else isn’t it?
And if we’re being honest, what doesn’t baffle experts. I don’t believe there are any real experts left in the United States. I have seen our education system and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is more of a de-education system churning out plumb dumb chum in a world of sharks. I saw a news piece on TV the other night ranking our educational place in the world and they actually had a list showing us as being the 21th…I’m not kidding. You want further proof that America is not smarter then a 5th grader, Jeff Foxworthy is famous. If he was any less funny I’d half to laugh backwards. I keep hoping he’ll hook up with kim Kardasian so I can witness the apocalypse in my life time. If we can manage to throw a post-op Bruce Jenner in there for a three-way around the world, we might even be able to cause the collapse of the universal construct. Then we can do to the universe what we’ve done to the Constitution… Make it cease to exist. I’ll be here all week.

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