Kate Graham (II) fan page

Sweet dreams and fishy kisses!


Kate Graham (II) is, simply put, the single most attractive woman on planet earth. Her astounding physical beauty is only overshadowed by her jubilant personality, magnanimous mind and bright & shining soul. When she sings, her siren song puts me into a euphoric state of Mezmerization that leads to blackouts and time loss and I wind up in a kind of love coma. One time after just hearing her sing I woke up 3 days later beneath the salad bar in a pizza hut wearing a Hot Dog suit covered with vote for Nixon buttons. Another time, when I actually saw her as she sang, I woke up 2 months later in the Arctic surrounded by 7  Emperor penguins that apparently had the penguin version of down syndrome. I immediately realized that her singing had instilled in me a psychic connection with these beautiful creatures, and apparently I had built a nest in an abandoned science facility and was raising them as my own children. The incredible allure this siren has over men is that powerful. It’s not just me either, there was a guy in Cleavland who went into a 30 day blackout in which he robbed 3 banks and in a fit of lust had sex with 16 different old ladies in a nursing home. When they asked him why he did it, he said that the last thing he remembers is hearing the song “Slow fast food love” as he watched “Poultrygeist: night of the chicken dead”.  As you can plainly see, her effervescent charisma not only puts men in a state of orgiastic Grahamification, it is a catalyst of justice and spreads pleasure like a virus. watching one of her movies is very taxing on my system, because the sheer pleasure of seeing her leaves me more spent then a Yankee dollar. I still watch one of her movies three to four times a week though. She is truly a dream. Call me Kate, I will take you for a ride on a time whale and we will frolic and gallivant in prehistoric jungles, clog dance with pirates, and play Scrabble on board the titanic as it sinks. Hang with me and I will set you free! Just so we are clear, I am willing to sign papers that make you my legal owner clear and free.

Kate Graham nuggets of love:

Given name(s): Kate
Surname(s): Graham
Home: Atlanta, GA, United States
Occupation: Yoga Instructor

I’m planning my move to Georgia for October

Kate Graham, is competing at the 2011 National SCRABBLE Championship. She currently has a record of 15.5-15.5, -272, and is ranked #38 in Division 3.

This is something we have in common Kate, Scrabble is my favorite game and I am rarely beaten. I’m sure that you could dominate me though.

Kate Graham

United States
AFTRA Eligible, EMC, SAG Eligible

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 3 in
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Physique: Average
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Shoulder Length
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Alto



Poultrygeist Wendy Troma Entertainment
Married Sex Food Girl Terri Measel Adams
Invisible Man Malia Marco Productions
Don’t Let Her Pull You Down Girlfriend Epitaph Records
Rebel Child (music video) Sister 44 Films


Past Life Paula Bonanza Productions
It’s A Miracle Young Inece PAX TV


Georgia Lottery Student BBDO Atlanta


Romeo & Juliet Juliet Georgia Shakespeare
Food for Fish Sylvia Essential Theatre
Brighton Beach Memoirs Nora Center Theatre
Smart Cookie U/S Ana/Danielle (P) Hertz Theatre
Veranda 2: The Second Coming Sally Joe Edwards Ansley Park Playhouse
Valhalla Sally/Sophie Essential Theatre
Eurydice U/S Eurydice Hertz Theatre
Le Trois Mousquetaires Constance NTAE
Stand Clear Heather The Fall Collection
The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Theatre Tuscaloosa
The Crucible Abigail Williams Shelton State Community College

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Teleprompter, Improvisation, Singing, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Yoga, Softball, Aerobics, Soccer
  • Accents: Southern, British, French, Russian
  • Spoken Languages: French
  • Dance: Salsa, Jazz, Ballroom, Club/Freestyle, Swing, Waltz


  • New York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, New York City, New York, 2005
    I graduated with honors in 3 years from Playwrights Horizons Theatre School.

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, Voice Over, Film, Music Video, Radio, Theater, Commercial, Industrial, Television
  • Job Categories: Acting
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Chess Instructor
  • Prior Job Title 2: Yoga Instructor
  • Prior Job Title 3: Preschool Teacher

Kate’s actor credits:

Princess and the Pony (video)

2011 Criminal Behavior (TV movie)
2010 Past Life (TV series)
Paula Harris

Soul Music (2010) … Paula Harris
2009 Married Sex (short)
Food Girl
2009 Don’t Let Her Pull You Down (short)
2008 Invisible Man (short)

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

Hide Soundtrack (1 title)
2006 Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead(performer: “Slow Fast Food Love”, “Generous General”, “Murderous General”)
Hide Self (1 title)

2008 Poultry in Motion: Truth Is Stranger Than Chicken (video documentary)

More pics of dear sweet Kate:

Poetry for kate:

Ode to Kate

She drives men wild with her siren calls, a guiding light when darkness falls

like passion pudding for the soul, her sockerboppers score a goal

her fiery retoric inspires men, to the friends of the friendless, she’s always a friend

were she to get plastic surgery, a crime, against nature and humanity.

my Katie is the perfect fruit, ripe and ready to eat

so I’d dearly like to eat her up and trick the wild treat

A man could never ask for more then my sweet enduring kate

 just seeing and dressing like her makes everything inflate

I love the knickerbockers out of you Kate!  Feel free to please me :)

Don’t forget to write.


Kate Graham II Queen Bee pony poppin’ drone poem

from the moment, on our horizon, your succulence did arrive

we knew that you were the sweet corn queen, of our fabulous honey bee hive

as our sweet creamy queen, you will be adored

and no woman alive, shall ever cut the cord

we will escort you, on your mating flights

and partake, one time only, in your sweet delights

13 drones to pleasure you, at your beck and call

eager to please, ready to roll, light of heart and heavy of ball

you are our daughter, our sister, our mother

and you will be courted like no other

we’ll give your antenna one hundred strokes

give your wax glands a thousand stokes

we’ll make you feel like the glory bees knees

while plying you generously with bumble nuts and cheese

we’ll gaze into your compound eyes

as we fly through honey colored skies

stroke your well rounded abdomen, and give it a nice firm squeeze

while we assure you this is a one time thing, and we’re completely free of disease

we’ll tell you your six jointed legs, are three times the gams of any bi-peds

and that your pollen baskets make the drones go mad and lose their little bee heads

we will coax out your proboscis, with antennal stimulation

and swap sweet nectars in a passionate fit of mutual mastication

then we’ll prime that honey pump with alchohol, sweet chronic and old school rhymin’

to get your beegina molten and moist, so we can break down that bee-hymen

we’ll swarm your sweet and sticky, each in turn, to expand the big bee nation

then engage in the airial acrobatics of glorious cross pollination

we will each insert our beenis’s, deep inside your belly

and fill you up like a tanker truck with gallons of royal jelly

the penetrative mating, both anticipated and dreaded

will be the bee-ginal guillotine that leaves us all bee-headed

one perfect moment of ecstasy, the apex of a life time of dreamin

that will end with the glorious death of a drone, at the expulsion of our semen

the climax is always the end you see, at which time this bee will cease to be

but our last thought will be, that kate graham II has set us free

as we kamakazi into the great floral sea


but our coveted queen will lay our eggs

and hold our boys in her jointed legs

she’ll nurture them from larva to men

and the cycle will begin again

eventually they’ll have their final feast

and she will writhe upon their beast

and as long as they don’t pull out and shoot in her face

the hives future will be insured, as they meet their final fates

then one day their boys will grow to men

and get their chance to tap that abdomen

the circle of life will be complete

all because Kate Graham II is our queen

Long live the Hive!!


Do you see how much we love you Kate Graham II? Do you understand now? It should be clear to you now that our love is as pure as a neutron star.
Just to let you know how much I love and honor you, I want you to know that I hacked into the data base of the bureau of vital statistics and changed the names of ten thousand orphaned children to Kate graham II. It is causing quite a ruckus apparently, but I’m pretty sure the little girls will be thrilled about it in the end. I also donated one thousand and seven pounds of pure gold in your name to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Due to this generous donation, they allowed one person to ride along. I represented myself as your “partner” and got to be on one episode. If you watch it you can see who I am. I’m the one wearing the hoodie that says “Property of Kate Graham II” You’ll have to figure out which episode though ;) Thank you for existing Kate Graham II, the world would be a darker place without your captivating light. I’ve gotta go now, every day at five o clock I face Georgia, cast blessings of white light and pray for the day that we meet.

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